So, I grew up with a single mom, who worked in silicon valley, but who wanted more than anything to own her own business. So, she’d go to seminars, workshops, trainings, and usually brought me along. This was the mid to late 90s, and to my mind, the fun stuff was all in the back of the room.

It was where the tapes and books were sold, where the speaker would turn if they needed something, and instead of wanting to be the person in the front of the room, I was fascinated by everything in the back. It was where the important stuff that wasn’t so much in the limelight happened. And where I was called to be, even then.

I haven’t ever been an extrovert. I was always the quiet one in any group, and the one who truly didn’t mind working from the shadows, or … the back of the room. That holds true even today. I’ve had the honor of working for a business coach, or a change catalyst for the past six months, and have been so inspired. I’ve been a volunteer VA for years, since high school, in fact, and it was her unwavering support and presence that has really allowed me to make my own dreams come true. Is it scary to put myself out there like this? Well, sure…but it’s worth it.

More than anything, I’ve learned that working behind the scenes has just as much value as being the one upfront and center. My work helps her help others, and at the end of the day, that resonates with me. So if your work involves you supporting others, it has value.

MY calling so to speak seems very much to be supporting those who support others, and that can take shape in a variety of ways. If you think that we might be able to help each other, please click the contact button and send me a message, and don’t forget to click subscribe so you know when there’s a new blog post or other fun stuff!

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