The first thing almost every potential client mentions to me when we speak is something along the lines of …” I’d love to work with you, but I really don’t know what I would have you do as a V.A.”

It’s understandable, especially if the client is a coach, or energy worker, or another sort of spiritual entrepreneur. There are parts of their business that literally nobody else can do. That being said, there are a LOT of tasks that can be handed off, or even done collaboratively. A decent V.A. can help brainstorm and help their client with a plan that feels right to them.

I have supported a number of different types of entrepreneurs. personal/life coaches, business coaches, fitness and nutrition specialists, authors, and more. Everyone is different, as is what they are resistant to doing, and as a result, what they need a VA for. My general motto is to let them do what they do best, and I’ll handle the rest. I personally have found that a good communication flow, as well as decent time management skills, and a fair amount of flexibility are among the best tools to making the most out of the V.A. / Client relationship. Some clients like a very linear collaboration style and some are more visual and intuitive.

That being said, I’ve started compiling a list for those who need some ideas to get started as far as what a VA could help them with.



Some of the services may not apply, and some you may not have even considered! 

Below you’ll find a long list of services. I have organized them into categories so it’s easier to look through. There are some overlaps between categories, too.

If you’re interested in working with me, please reach out!



Creative Writing

  • Repurposing and writing  blog posts
  • Writing ebooks, books, newsletters, email funnels, etc.
  • Editing audio or video transcriptions
  • Creating social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Editing & proofreading blog posts, books, websites, newsletters, recipes, etc.
  • Website and sales page copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Writing product descriptions for online shops like Shopify or Etsy
  • Collecting/editing testimonials


Admin/ Management

  • Customer service through email, chat, or phone
  • Monitoring and responding to emails
  • Organizing email inboxes
  • Managing blog comments
  • Managing social media comments
  • Live webinar assistance
  • Calendar maintenance
  • Data entry
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations
  • Appointment setting
  • Arranging interviews
  • Answering phone calls
  • Re-purposing content (Example: turn a video into a written blog post or a blog post into a social media post)
  • Client onboarding tasks like responding to emails and sending invoices and contracts
  • Following up with leads/clients
  • Form preparation
  • Monitoring YouTube content
  • Uploading YouTube videos
  • Managing online communities
  • Helping launch ebooks or programs
  • Optimizing blog posts with images, links to other blog posts, and adding CTAs (Call to Actions)
  • Giveaway management
  • Organizing cloud files
  • Organizing G-Drive files
  • Brainstorming ideas for blog posts, products, etc.


Graphic Design

  • Creating graphics for blog posts
  • Photo editing
  • Creating slides for webinars or workshops etc.
  • Sourcing photos for blog posts, books, social media, etc.
  • Creating social media graphics or pins

Note:  I personally use Canva, Photoshop and several other tools, dependent on my client’s preference.



  • Formatting blog posts
  • Updating websites and plugins
  • Video editing
  • Podcast editing
  • Webinar setup
  • Setting up or migrating email lists to a new email service provider
  • Setting up newsletter opt-in forms and sequences
  • Podcast submission
  • Web design/maintenance
  • Creating surveys and online forms
  • Creating landing pages and squeeze pages
  • Streamlining and automating systems
  • Creating digital magazines
  • File conversion
  • Setting up spreadsheets
  • Tracking and fixing broken links
  • E-course creation
  • Formatting ebooks
  • Managing customer databases
  • Creating and self-publishing books for authors


Social Media

  • Scheduling social media updates
  • Designing social media graphics
  • Creating and managing Pinterest accounts
  • Creating and managing Promoted Pins
  • Scheduling pins via Tailwind
  • Creating and managing Facebook accounts
  • Creating Facebook ads
  • Managing Facebook groups
  • Setting up and managing LinkedIn accounts
  • Setting up and managing LinkedIn groups
  • Creating social media polls
  • Creating and managing Instagram posts
  • Responding to social media messages



  • Setting up sales funnels
  • Blog post promotion
  • Ebook, course, and membership promotion
  • Product launches



This is a long list, and as you might expect, there are so many more services available!  I’d love to discover how we might work together, or simply answer some questions.

Reach out and schedule your FREE call today!

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